Opioid Addiction Treatment Works


100% of our current patients state CATS services have helped them deal more effectively with their addiction. (based on 2018 patient survey)

95% of our current patients would recommend our program to a friend in need of similar help. (based on 2018 patient survey)


"Methadone saved my life"

 "Methadone has given me the opportunity to put the parts of my life together that seemed to be gone forever.  I have now stayed not only clean and sober for two years, but employed and focused on what matters.  I truly haven't been this happy for years.  Methadone saved my life"   

current CATS client 

"Everyone there is a hero!!"

"...your program is the best thing that happened to me.  Everyone there is a hero!!! Love you all!!!" 

current CATS client

"Life Savers"


"With SRATS I have been so successful in my recovery! LIFE SAVERS! I am forever thankful!" 

current CATS client

"Thank you for all your dedication and hard work serving a challenging group of people!  No doubt you all have saved some lives" 

current CATS client


April 2019 - "Thank you for providing me with a program I can excel in and all the support I could possible want or need.  You've changed me and my family's life for the best.  Thank you so so much".   

Current  CATS client 

"Methadone helped me change my life"

"Methadone helped me change my life.  It helped me improve my quality of life all the way around.  It has helped me to become a part of the community in a positive way" 

current CATS client