Meet Our Staff


Dr. Daniel Caplin, Medical Director/Owner


Dr. Dan Caplin moved to the region in 2000, for the amazing beauty, access to outdoor activities and for the outstanding climate. After completing his BS degree from Union College, he obtained his medical degree form Des Moines University, graduating in 1990. He then spent the next 4 years in post graduate training, completing his residency in Emergency Medicine, followed by 3 years of active duty service in the United States Air Force. Dr. Caplin engaged in a long career practicing Emergency Medicine in a variety of rural and urban settings, seeing the plight of addiction first hand. With little resources available to those suffering from addiction, and essentially no tools available to the emergency departments in this country to help people in desperation, Dr. Caplin took it upon himself to study the field of addiction, eventually obtaining his Board Certification in Addiction Medicine. He began his practice of addiction medicine full time in 2015, by opening an Opioid Treatment Program, Southern Rockies Addiction Treatment Services, now Colorado Addiction Treatment Services.  

Dr. Caplin spends his free time outdoors whenever possible, riding dirt bikes, skiing, hiking, bike riding, timber sledding and enjoying time with his family. He feels that physical activity, which is a healthy way to release endorphins, is the best way to stimulate the brain, and balance anxiety and depression. “Co-occurring disorders are present in over 90% of my patients suffering from the disease of addiction, and addressing these issues is paramount to long term sobriety” is Dr. Caplin’s philosophy.  Medication assisted treatment has been proven to be the most successful treatment modality for the disease of addiction, and Cats Inc has created a program where we are able to integrate methadone, buprenorphine as well as other medications to assist in recovery.